31 January 2020

Do No Be Fooled by the Kicky Boots

Tuesday night I had food poisoning, so that's super fun.

Kevin came out unscathed so it wasn't something I prepared, which is a tiny miracle. I believe that it was ranch dressing, because that is the only thing that I ate differently from Kevin at dinner.  It was a new bottle but the cap was weirdly cross-threaded.  The seal was still intact but who knows.

Or it could be an allergic reaction to it because why wouldn't it be?  The symptoms can be similar if it's a really bad reaction.

Anyway, I was up from about midnight to about 1:30 am. To add to the fun, I had to go with Kevin to pick up his truck at 5:30 in the morning, about 25 minutes from our house.  I got up, put on track pants and a hoodie and we left.  I was nearly asymptomatic, just a lingering stomach ache and super tired.

After dropping him off, I returned home and back to bed.  My  alarm would give me about an hour's sleep but I texted work to say I'd be later.   Two hours of sleep would surely help.  And I hadn't thrown up the coffee Kevin bought me so that was also progress.

Once awake again, the impulse was to just put on a hoodie and bunker down in my office once at work was strong.  But of the few things I remember being taught by my mom was "Dress up when you don't feel good" The theory is because you look good, you will feel good. Very 1950's etiquette.

So I pulled on a nice shirt, pants, jacket and my kicky boots.  I don't know that I felt better but I looked good.  You couldn't tell that I'd been sick overnight so that was a bonus.  Plus the real beauty of this is that it's still yoga pants and baggy shirt, just with nice boots and jacket. 

By the end of the day I was 95%.  If I had just gone to work scrubby, would I have felt any differently? I don't know but let's assume that it worked.

Now it's Friday.  There is no direct service on Friday so everyone leans into the casual Friday thing.  I was getting dressed in a hoodie when I realized I had an advocate meeting this morning AND that I was speaking at it.

Son of a biscuit eating dog.  Who has meetings on Friday. Schools do.

Off came the hoodie but my mind was still all "But it's FRIDAY!!!!" 

I put on the outfit I wore to Kevin's work party but wore a more casual jacket. I grabbed my converse to wear later. And I wondered how I became this person again. 

I will never get used to deference.  Meaning that I am "someone" when attending meetings like this.  I just want to laugh and say "All y'all don't even know! An hour ago I was having a tantrum about wearing my hoodie and converse. Do not be fooled by the kicky boots!!!"

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Gigi said...

1950's etiquette or not, your mom was right. And now I'd like to see a picture of these kicky boots.

Glad you are feeling better.