29 January 2020

Remote Possibility

My mother-in-law phoned yesterday after I got home.  I always answer these calls cheerfully and also with trepidation.  It really doesn't matter how I answer the call though, because she without fail says "Were you sleeping?"

I will admit I am a sleepy girl sometimes but this is a thirty years long thing.  I know it's going to be one of those "You're gonna miss this" things eventually but it still makes me sigh and eyeroll.


The day's issue is that their television/satellite remote isn't working. Well, both of them. Both of them aren't working.

"What's "not working"?" I ask.

"It won't change channels or do anything"

Because I've learned to ask the stupid questions: "Did you, by chance, change the batteries?"

"Yes, in both but they don't work."

She continues: "If you order them, we'll pay for them."


The odds of BOTH remotes going bad is ...wait for it...remote.  I mean, their remotes are newer than ours because we paid for their satellite installation and service a few years ago.

There's probably more to the story.  My guess is that something is switched off, or the dog I hate chewed one, or something simple like that.  Instead I say "Okay, I will look into it." because I'm choosing my battles nowadays.

I started to look up the issue on the interwebs then something happened to distract me. Go figure.
About an hour later, she phones again.

"You don't have to order a remote. I fixed it."

Oh gawd.

"Umm, how did you fix it?" I cringingly ask.

"I just sprayed some WD-40 on it."


"You did what, now?"

"I sprayed some WD-40 on it and now they both work."

So, I'll be ordering remotes today.  Because you know what electronics enjoy?  NOT SOLVENT.


Ang said...

I bet they had the remotes to the TVs switched. And after they WD-40ed them they were switched back :)

Surely said...

OMG, Ang! I bet you are totally right!!!
Thank you for saying that. Now I can make sure they are labelled!

That is, if they are still functional in a few days. hahahahasigh.


Swistle said...


Also: I see what you did with that title.