02 April 2020

Angst and Melodrama - A Throwback to 1986

One of the things that I am enjoying out of this whole terrible, awful time we are living in is seeing how people are entertaining each other.  Social media has reverted back to how it used to be: funny memes, cool photos, funny updates.  Mostly gone is the political,  humblebragging, nonsense that it has been over the past few years.

I have seen many throwback posts, especially on the instagram, which are so enjoyable.  Our racing photographer friends are posting old photos where we can remember how cool we used to be.  Friends are posting photos from their old photo albums.  Even I posted on the bloggity the other day about culling through old emails.

It's as if present day is so difficult and the future so fuzzy, we are all looking backwards.

So then, it occurred to me that it's National Poetry Month.  I have nothing but time to post poems that I love and discover new ones.  And then.  And then for some reason this idea popped into my head.  A combination of Poetry Month and Throwback Posts.

I give to you: sixteen-year-old Surely, a broken kid in a broken home.  Full of teenager angst, like only teenagers can be.  So awkward and melodramatic and Adult Me is dying right now. DYING.