09 April 2020


A former coworker posted on the social media a list.  Not one of those getting to know me lists, which are fun to read and sometimes participate in and not an essentials list.  It was a self care list like none I had ever seen before.  10 Soothing Things that I Like to Do.

Her list is different than mine because she is amazing with all her cooking, baking, gardening, homesteading skills.  And that's exactly the point.  What is soothing for her might not be for me OR it could be something that I hadn't thought to try. 

I think I've talked about this before but at this point in time, it's worth a revisit. 

This is her list:
1. Arancini
2. Having the tv on to a familiar show (like Firefly or something) in the background if I am doing a repetitive task such as sewing masks
3. The moment when my garden explodes into spring
4. Music in a wide variety of genres. One time somebody asked what I listen to when gardening and it’s more likely to be Missy Elliot than John Elliott depending on how strenuous the work.
5. Dancing, even though I am not great at it.
6. Picnics and other forms of eating food outside.
7. Canines
8. Cannabis
9. Fixing broken stuff
10. Kitchen experiments.

Now I had to think, when I am spun out what is it exactly that I do.

1. Coffee - the ritual of it, as well as the actual coffee
2. Big projects - organize a closet or deep clean something
3. Working on the family tree - looking at the past makes me focus on the bigger picture
4. Walkies with Lucy
5. Binge watch Greys Anatomy or Bones. Shows that feel familiar and not full of tension
6. Have the radio playing, always.  Right now it's JACK FM which I highly recommend.
7. Take photographs.  This usually requires going somewhere but it does at least make me go outside
8. Work in the garden. Pulling weeds, listening to wildlife, seeing growth and progress
9.  Take a drive, even if it's just the long way home
10.  Fairy lights...or Christmas lights, if we're being honest.  I have them woven on our headboard.

Cozy blanket and book (with occasional dog included)
Playing a game: online or in real, like dominoes
Writing - this can go either way, actually

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Swistle said...

YES, the ritual of coffee. YES, radio. YES, Christmas/fairy lights. And from her list, I like having a familiar TV show on while I'm playing phone games or some other thing that doesn't take my full attention, and I am very soothed/gladdened by spring blooming. Also: baking, and eating the baked things.