22 January 2009

16 Things

The other day on Facebook, I was sent a note...as were dozens of others...to post "16 Things I Don't Know About You." The note was from my BFF D and she bravely posted her 16 things on her profile.

Here's the Thing:

She's my BFF. There AREN'T 16 things she doesn't know.
Well, if there are, they surely aren't very interesting
they are "deep dark secrets" as Kevin described them. And deep dark secrets certainly shouldn't be posted on Facebook for all to consume.
And...most of the time I've found deep dark secrets should remain just that: deep and dark and secret.

As "W" said "I'd do this but I'd rather still be your friend and I'm afraid we wouldn't be if I posted." That was a great response!

And I'm surely not going to post them for public viewing on FB. My cousins, nephew, co-workers, and/or acquaintances are on there. I already edit a bit when I post.

So then, not wanting to disappoint, I tried to back into it a different way. Casting my mind back to the sixth grade and those getting to know you notes that got passed in class. Favorite Color, favorite number, yadda yadda yadda. But then I fell into the "She Already Knows This Stuff!!!"
(or rather, she damn well better)

Now I'm stuck. I kind of came up with ten and they're kind of, I don't know, uninteresting. So I'm still thinking about them. It's an interesting little game and I'm sure she didn't mean for this to be such a burden and I'm sure that there *are* things she doesn't know. I knew about 75% of her posted things. But random facts do slip through the cracks. My BFF "K" didn't know I had certain food allergies, you know, stuff like that. I'm sure I'm making this much bigger than it should be but for some reason, it's bothering me. It's not a test for goodness sake.

Quick, blogger-friends, come up with 16 Things Your BFF Doesn't Know About You!!

See, it's not easy, is it?


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I would go for random, quirky things. Like that you secretly like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Firegirl said...

THANK YOU! I can add THAT!

Dynamita said...

It does sound hard!!! I have been sitting here thinking of a random fact for you, and can't come up with one....

Guilty pleasures maybe?

Jess said...

I'm with you, if she doesn't know them it's because they're boring. For real.