15 January 2009


Kevin went to the doctor the other day for his thyroid check-up. They also monitor his blood pressure & chloresterol. He's on meds for the cholesterol because his levels are a little high due to genetics, not poor choices. Other than the whole pesky Graves Disease thing, he's pretty doggone healthy. He has to have every-six-month checkups with the thyroid doctor and then yearly physicals for either his CDL license or his NHRA license. So, we have a pretty good grip on his health. He's six foot and weighs 180 lbs. for goodness sake.

The reason for this whole health history recap is this:
About once a year, sometimes a little more, Kevin forgets that he doesn't like ANYTHING and wants to improve how we eat. If you sense that I'm gritting my teeth right now, you might be right.

There are a few layers to this issue....

Firstly, he doesn't like anything. He eats like a six-year-old. You think I'm kidding...exhibit A:
Won't eat chicken unless it's in patty or strips form.
Doesnt' like pork chops,
Doesn't like steaks (or red meat other than hamburger) unless all of the gristle is cut off and even then he'd rather not.
Doesn't like most vegetables...corn, peas, beans- those are our choices. Oh, and salad. At least he is groovy with salad.
Doesn't like anything that he can't readily identify, so sauces of any kind = Not.
Pasta...he likes spaghetti, goulash, and I can get him to eat Fettucini Alfredo but it's not his fave. Mac & cheese, yes but usually only for lunch and it's not really a pasta.
Fish...fish sticks are fine. Salmon fillets are fine but he prefers how his brother makes them. (sigh) Salmon patties are fine but are usual the last chosen when choosing dinner options.
Turkey...he likes it but he uses salt as a dip so any health benefits are gone. And I have never made a turkey ever. (spoiled much? Why, yes, yes I am! :-)
Chili is okay but not often, Soup is more for lunch and then there's only four-ish kinds he will eat.
No onions. Ever. Mushrooms either. But he likes olives, what is that about?
Cereal! Cereal is Capt. Crunch, Frosted Flakes, and POPS or Smacks or whatever they're called.

Hmm, I think those are the major components, yes?

Now that you want to strangle Kevin, let's visit my issues:

I hate to cook. I would almost rather get a filling than cook a meal.
I am not necessarily good at it. If I am cooking, I have to only cook or the ADD kicks in and before we know it, dinner is unrecognizable and the fire department is on the way.
I would rather open a box, bag, can or order in than make something from scratch.
Despite what D would say, I am not as fussy as Kevin, but I do have my issues. Mushrooms are evil, as are olives.
I am allergic to apples, eggs and honey. Dairy or leafy vegetables in large amounts will kick my ass.

So, *rubbing of hands together* How does one cook for us? Oh wait, not just cook but cook in a healthy manner?
The in-laws (both sets) have the tendency to fry...or deep fry...a lot. I don't fry ANYTHING.
I already use the leanest hamburger.
We have fruit & vegetable at every dinner.
We eat at the table like big kids, no eating in our recliners.
No dessert beyond maybe a snack later, like popcorn or a cookie.
We drink 1% milk, I can't bring myself to non-fat. It reminds me of formula.

This is an official SOS. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Especially perhaps from a certain Mexican Englander who learned to be chef...or the mother of five children...or.............(:-D

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Swistle said...

1) Wait, salt is bad? Uh oh.

2) How did I not know you were allergic to apples, eggs, and honey?