05 January 2009

Pretty Box O'Crap

I had to relocate a rather large jewelry box when I put up the Christmas tree last month. It is now taking up space in our closet and while not terribly intrusive, it's bugging me.

Eventually, I thought "What's even in here anyway?" Well, to put it clearly: crap.


I have a gold-plated unicorn pendant from THE SEVENTH GRADE. I think I'll see if my middle-school aged niece will like it, or if it's too uncool even at her age. Why I didn't think of this when she was in sixth grade, we'll never know. I think I remember who gave it to me, I think he's in jail now.

Then there's my high school class ring, which I'm allergic to. And the matching necklace. What the hell to do with that? My nieces go to the rival high school so I can't give it to them. Maybe I'll call the high school & see if they want it, though I can't imagine why.

There are also pendants that were gifts long ago. Costume jewelry, all.
Watches, I will never wear.
Bracelets that the plating has worn off.
Broken necklace chains.

Why, oh why, have I kept this crap?

A fake pearl necklace from a wedding I helped with when I was a freshman in high school. Fake pearls...why do I still have this? The marriage is long over, as is the friendship.

Gifts that mean nothing to me now...I can't even remember who gave them to me. A flag pin made of safety pins and beads...angel lapel pins from the 90's...teacher pin....novelty earrings.

A ring of no significance that I wore when I was married to Michael...amethyst? I don't even LIKE amethyst!

Three things I absolutely won't part with:
A multi-colored wire heart that Kevin wove for me one day way back when.
A heart shaped, black rock I found on a date with Kevin at Bayview State Park
Stained glass kite I made in junior high. It looks exactly as you just imagined. But I made it.

I guess the box has a little of the History of Me, but really?

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Swistle said...

I have the earrings my ears were pierced with at age 5. WHY?