10 January 2009

Random Item(s)

Today's random item is actually from my office!

I was given a birthday present from J, a most wonderful coffee mug!

It is one my favoritest presents! And it's a really good, large mug too! Not just one of those novelty mugs!!! In this picture, it is holding a strange mixture of leftover mocha, coffee & a instant cappuccino mix.

And then, after reading Swistle's post about Wallowing, I was inspired to do a little retail therapy myself. This is so unlike me. I am the Hunter when it comes to shopping, not the Gatherer. Get in, Get what you need and Get out. I am Commando Shopper.

But I was in the middle of my first week back to work and still recovering from the holidays and the snowstorm and needed a little something-something. I usually take a few hours after the holidays to return items and spend any gift cards I've received. But this year because of the snow, the Vegas trip, etc. I didn't really have anything to return or gift cards to spend. Sigh....

I gave myself an hour and $20 to spend. With post-Christmas sales & a budget, this seems like a good limit. The problem being is that Kevin & I are at the point of our lives where if we need something, we get it. So, this took a little thought and meandering.

This is what I purchased, eventually.

I'm cheating a little because I had ordered Dr Horribles Sing Along Blog from Amazon two days before but it arrived in the mail that day so I included it. I love, love, love living near Amazon!

I needed a calendar for work. I've had YWCA calendars the past two years and they're boring. So I took my lighthouse calendar that D gave me to work. This left me with no calendar at home. Usually, I buy them on sale at Barnes & Noble but I didn't have the energy to go across town so I browsed the leftovers and found the perfect one!

I have not had a pizza cutter since we've lived in the new house. I don't know why. So I finally bought one....and a frozen pizza to go with it.

Then I found, for $2 I might add, this fun dishtowel for when I'm ready to take the snowman one I bought during Christmas. It has puppy paw prints all over it.

And just like Swistle said: I did feel a little better!

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Not Your Aunt Bea said...

My retail therapy consisted of new makeup and a new facial scrub. If I can't feel better, I can at least look better, right?