19 January 2009

Technology is hard!

We converted over to wireless internet over the weekend. It is a most overdue transition and I'm so relieved to not have dial-up anymore!

Today, however, was spent switching everything over to the new ISP and email. Yikes. I started at 10:30 and except for a few breaks here & there, I'm still kind of plunking along. (it's 3:30)

Deciding on a new email addy is difficult! Kevin & I share email so it has to represent both of us. We also use it for racing & business. So I can't do something cute or use *Firegirl* or anything like that. Finally, I just used realname.and.kevin.lastname@gmail. com. It's terribly long but there's no forgetting it!

Oh, I skipped a step!!! Because of the wireless, I had to figure out which online-based email program I can make work with Outlook. Sigh............
It turns out to be GMail is the only one and it wasn't actually that difficult. Whew! I just had to get in touch with my inner computer geek and I was good to go.

Next is the fun blanket email to friends, family, and co-workers letting them know of the change. This has been fun because now I'm hearing from everyone.

THEN...I know! I've been a busy girl!

I had to call the telephone company to cancel the internet dedicated land line....then call the cell phone company to make sure Kevin can call Canada without the bill being slightly less than the National Debt (yes)

Now, the big debate left on the table to cancel the land line completely. We did an inventory of who actually calls the land line. It shouldn't inconvenience anyone, we *think*. But we don't want to jump to conclusions either.

Then there's the silly sentimentality of it. We've had the same telephone number since August 1991. We've had the same email since February 1998.

Finally, I swam through my email to resubscribe to all the newsletters and email updates/alerts that I get. Holy Cow Batman! I read way, way, way too much. Did this stop me from tacking a few new ones on? Oh surely not no.

I updated Kevin a few minutes ago and bless his heart - she types through clenched, yet grateful teeth - he asked "Did you call Direct TV?" I had to call them to make sure I didn't need a land line for the new satelite...and to see if they can come before Tuesday, February 3rd, between 8 AM and 12 Noon. To my relief, I don't need a landline and to my dismay, no they can't come any earlier.

I'm still extremely irritated with DISH Network and this stand-off they are having with Fisher Broadcasting. It's been a little over one month without an ABC affiliate. I've called again to inquire about a resolution and they're very "Meh" about it. So, I'm very "MEH" about keeping their service.

Now, theoretically, that I have wireless internet, I can post easier. Theoretically, this means I'll post more often. yeah. I'll try. (:-D

Welcome me to the 21st Century!!!

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Bethany said...

Wow, you have been super busy!!! I got an "easy to install router" on Sunday and spent most of the day installing it so I know how you feel!!