15 May 2020

Go Home, Rosie

Okay, one more Rosie post.  I promise, I'll stop...eventually.

I am having difficulty figuring out where Rosie lives.  When I unpacked her, I set her up next to the dining table.  It's a good location for doing the work but it's also next to one of Lucy's beds.  And I can see her.  Clutter is not my friend so my brain triggers when I notice something different.  Also, again: live in a small house so space is valuable.

"Find Rosie a New Home" has been on my To-do list for over a week.  I tried setting her up in the laundry room but in all of that room, there is only one available outlet.  Kevin worried that she couldn't work as efficiently from there.  "She might not be able to find her home." he says.

Remember we inherited that little end table that I was snotty about?  Well, we did and it's STILL HERE. It's uncomfortably placed in the corner where Lucy's toy basket is.  I was thinking I could put Rosie there.  But it's next to Lucy's toy basket.  And, I would have to disassemble a bookshelf just to plug in her house.

Then I though that I could put her here in my office.  Outlets are again, a thing.  Every outlet is behind a bookcase.  Sigh.  Also, guess where Lucy's crate is?  In my office.  I would fear for an all-house war in the middle of the night if I move Rosie in here.

So...this leaves the master bathroom or the common folk bathroom.  Neither of which seem appropriate for an electronical thing. And outlets are a thing.  (if we ever move to another house, I swear to dawg I am having outlets installed every four feet on every wall)

Today though, I think I figured it out.  I had imagined putting her in the master closet but worried about accidentally kicking her or dropping shoes on her.  And I would have to thread the cord under the door because there are no outlets in the closet.  So, doable but not the perfect solution.

I asked Rosie to vacuum this morning and as she happily went about her business, she made her way into our bedroom.  As mentioned, she vacuums under the bed, which makes me much happier than it should.  That's when it hit me:  under the bed.  There is an outlet, she is hidden, we won't trip on her.  Perfect.  I just can't tell Kevin because he'll worry about the Robot Revolution in the middle of the night.  (hey, he has a wife that can't sleep if the closet door is open so we all have our things)

This is where I tell you that Rosie had been living temporarily in the kitchen.  There's a tiny little counter/alcove thing next to the refrigerator.  I had moved her there, didn't like it, then became frustrated and never moved her.  Even when Kevin asked twice where I was going to move her.

Kevin feeds Lucy when I am setting the table for dinner.  They play a little catch game and have a routine every night.  Well, during said catch game, one of them bumped Rosie.  She awoke and MOVED.  Now I didn't have her turned on so even I was a little "What.is.happening."  She left her home, went about a foot then spun around. Clearly looking for whatever disturbed her rest.

Kevin and Lucy both lost their sh*t.  Kevin actually told her to "Go Home" while Lucy barked and went up onto the couch.

Meanwhile, I'm leaning on the kitchen island, CRYING LAUGHING.  Can't Breathe laughing.  I mean seriously, they lost their sh*t. 

"NOW WILL YOU MOVE HER, PLEASE?"  Kevin asked when he calmed down and I finally stopped laughing.

So, when she's done working today I will relocate her to what will hopefully be her permanent home.  And we'll keep track how long it takes Kevin to notice where she's living.


Swistle said...

Under the bed is GENIUS.

Gigi said...

Under the bed is actually amazingly genius! Mine lives front and center in the kitchen...guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

Surely said...

I moved her yesterday and didn't tell Kevin. He hasn't noticed her gone yet. The evil part of me wants to just start her up randomly early in the morning but I won't. It's fun to think about though.

And then I wondered about getting an adequate signal from my phone with being under the bed. I tried this morning while sitting in my office, which is down the small hallway. She happily started right up and went to work.

Maybe she likes being in the bedroom?