04 May 2020

Play It Loud or Don't Bother

This morning I kind of unexpectedly had to go get new tires on my truck.  I say "kind of" because I knew it was coming then it turned into "Well, that escalated quickly" this morning.  Kevin nor I are ones to waste time once a decision is made so this found me on the road at 9:00 this morning to the tire shop.

So...a few things because this is how my brain works:

It felt good to be out and about "first" thing in the morning.
It was nice to see my friend who owns the coffee stand.  It doesn't pass my notice that coffee stands are considered essential in Washington State.
It was nice for it to be easy to just go to the tire shop and not have to worry about work or the parents.

The tire shop is So Nice.  The guys never treat me like a girl and they were super accommodating for the whole social distancing thing. (wait in your car, curbside service, pull your own car in and out)
The shop was playing the best playlist. So best that I posted on the social media about it.  (Tom Petty, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Miller Band, Queen)  And it was loud. Loved it.  A friend posted on the social media how "our music" is now considered appropriate for grocery stores, which is painfully true. 

But enough waxing rhapsodic about a tire shop.  Commence waxing rhapsodic about something else:

This morning I realized that I hadn't listened to an album in a long time. (yes, I am 70-years-old: album)  As I left the coffee stand, I brought it up on my music app and set it playing.  Then while driving, I was trying to remember how I came to know this band and how I even got the CD.  It's a Canadian band after all, not easily accessible back then.

Then I remembered that way back when we were cool, Kevin won a set of tires for the racecar.  I had to go into Canada to pick them up during the workweek. 

A few things with that thought: I miss my Canadian friends.  The border is still and will remain closed until further notice. I miss those times when we spent nearly equal time "up there" as we did at home.  I kind of miss being cool.

When I went up to Whalley to get the tires, I stopped on the way home at a RECORD STORE to buy the CD.  I'll let that sink in, because: RECORD STORE and CD.  I remember that I also bought two other Canadian band CD's because I COULD.  (Blue October and Honeymoon Suite. Hello 1990's Canada)  Then I played the coveted CDs on the way home. 

Because this was before Amazon.  This was before smart phones and music apps.  This was dancing on the record it from the radio because it's not available in the states kind of thing.

Returning back to real time: As I waited for my truck to be finished, I am texting coworkers and Kevin, I'm sending snaps to a friend, I'm messaging another friend on the facebook.  I'm NOT humble-bragging by saying "Look how many FRIENDS  I HAVE" but thinking about A Person Used to Just SIT in a Waiting Room.  Just, like, SIT there and wait. 

Instead, I'm checking into work and updating Kevin on the progress and telling a friend about a weird dream I had about them, where we were both high school teachers and how super WEIRD is that?  While listening to the album I bought on a CD in Canada twenty-cough years ago.

I guess what I'm saying is that it feels like the End Times right now and it was soothing to sit back, listen to music, and remember how life used to be. 

This is what it's like in my head 24/7.  Jump in, the water is warm.  And it plays good music.

54*40  Casual Viewing.  Play it loud or don't bother. LOL.

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