28 August 2019

Blanket Fort

The new school term for my work has begun.  Because reasons, it has started in confusion.

Grant funding took an inordinate amount of time so everything is beginning late.  AND, programs have been increased and/or changed.  But timelines haven't been adjusted accommodate said changes. (yea! state and federal agencies!

One of my go-to sayings is How do you eat an elephant? One bite at time.  Well, apparently we're just eating the whole dogdamned elephant.

I was supposed to increase my working hours this month.  Right now I work 30 hours a week, five days a week.  They wanted 40 hours this school term.  I politely yet super firmly said "NO".  Like, a lot NO.  We then negotiated to 35 hours a week and flex-time.  Meaning if I didn't have 35 hours worth of work, I didn't have to work it.  I would work no less than 30 hours though.

And I think they forgot. It could have been trimmed in the budgeting negotiations but the surprised expression I saw when I asked about a new schedule tells me it's probably in the forgot category.  And I am COMPLETELY fine with that.

It's ridiculous but the thought of being there five extra hours was spinning me out. It's an hour a day is all and would probably hardly be noticed.  Yet, I was tantruming.  AND YES, I acknowledge my privilege.  I am lucky/blessed/whatever for sure.  Everybody has their redlines and this is mine. It took me a long time to figure it out and now here we are.

AND THEN, my workspace is moving and I will have an office. Hooray.  Except that the date and location of said office keeps getting moved.  I received notification on Monday that it would be Friday but now I'm on hold because I don't have a desk in the new space.  And the new space hasn't been confirmed yet.

I think I will work on the floor next week.  I think I'm going to go to wally world and buy a $20 picnic table and make it work.  Or a tent. I bet those are on sale right now.  Oh, a blanket fort!  Remember that Community episode where they turned the whole campus into a blanket fort? Aha, now I have a plan.

Yeah, I might be a little tired...why do you ask?


Normally, I would be receiving truckloads of forms and requests by now.   Instead, I've been monitoring the same list off and on all day long for days.  This is not only boring but giving me the agita about what September is going to look like.

So, pending tsunami of paperwork, working on the floor, and maybe or maybe not in the same place or somewhere else entirely.  What's to worry about?

Where's my blanket?

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