19 June 2019

They Want Me to Go to the Zoo. No No No

The kids are going to the zoo this weekend and invited us.

I knew Kevin would probably say no, for a variety of reasons.  He's in his busy season so probably doesn't want to spend his only off day traveling and at the zoo.  It's also Father's Day so he gets a free pass for that day, and it would mean that his dad would be alone on Father's Day.  Add to it that it would mean traveling with his brother, which never ends well.  Many reasons for a no, is what I am saying.

But I asked anyway, in the vain hope that he would want to go anyway. Because kids.

He did say no but not for any of the above listed reasons.  Sometimes he still surprises me.

First he hesitated then he said "It  just makes me sad."

"What? spending time with the kids makes you sad?"

"No, the animals at the zoo makes me sad."

He hates that they're not free. He hates that they are on display.  He wants them to be in their own homes, in their own environments. Doing their animal thing.

Collective AWWWWWWW...

Okay, fair enough. No zoo for us.  Bless his animal loving heart.

Disclosure: Woodland Park Zoo does a really good job at making natural environments and conservation is their jam.

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