20 November 2009

Dad is LOL'ing

We've been having some terrible windstorms lately. Pouring down rain, lightning, high winds. All my least favorite things...well, except the rain. I don't mind the rain.

With this lovely weather we're having comes small electrical issues. Lights flickering, clocks needing resetting, etc. Even my cell was acting a little wonky.

Kevin & I were watching television the other night. I was also reading so I wasn't paying 100% attention to what was going on. Eventually, I did notice that the volume kept adjusting.

As I had the remote, I was a little suspicious. I made sure that it hadn't fallen & gotten pressed accidentally. I looked over to Kevin to make sure he wasn't playing with the other remote. (the old remote to the actual television buried in the drawer next to his chair) He wasn't. In fact, he was kind of napping until the dog woke him up then they were playing.

So, I gave it a few minutes, surreptitiously casting glances toward Kevin to make sure he wasn't just messing with my head.

Finally, I could see both of his hands and the volume went up again.

"Um, Kev? I think my dad might be f*&king with the the television. Or it's broken."

I KNEW I had been rope-a-doped when Kevin is laughing so hard he can't breath. "I think...*gasp*....I think....*guffaw*....I think I just peed myself."


I wasn't Scared but it did freak me out a little because I thought I saw both of his hands at all times. Clearly, he's more devious than I.

In between giggles, he apologized for freaking me out. "But I NEVER thought you'd think it was your Dead Dad."

Somewhere, my Dad is laughing his ass off.