17 November 2009


Our bags are packed & on their way. Our carry-on is packed & ready. God knows Kevin was ready a week ago. I feel stuck in a time warp, I hate waiting.

The dog is starting to realize that something is up. I took her to the coffee stand this morning for treats. She looked at me like 'What are we DOING? it's a weekday!" All I said was "Tomorrow you'll understand..."

The jury is still out on the Stratosphere ride. I will blog/tweet/FB the end result. I have a feeling that "Thunderbirds are a Go." An interesting note: Kevin has tapped out. It's between the nephew and me now.

I will have posts ready to go so don't think I'm spending my vacation blogging...although you can bet I'll be taking notes for future reference. Also, the laptop & my handy Verizon Wireless Internet is coming along so anything is possible.

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