27 November 2009

Walton Family Thanksgiving

if it aired on Cinemax...

My little brother's birthday is today. Unfortunately his birthday usually gets lumped into Thanksgiving. This year was no exception.

So we finished dinner & the dishes then sat down so he could open presents. He's easy to shop for: he wants for nothing. Gift cards is the norm. I always "hide" them in a book with candy.

Apparently, Brother Dear decided that was a good idea. He added a little novelty car to his present. The little sports car vibrates like it's running.

When you open presents in the Moore household, you pass along the birthday cards and presents so everyone can oooh and aahh over them.

Mom was the last one in the group to see the presents. When my brother handed her the little car (now that I think of it: because Kevin didn't, what a chicken) she was startled by the vibration. "What the hell is that?" she asked.

My brothers giggled like thirteen-year-old boys and one said "It's before her time."


Happy Birthday Little Brother!

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creative kerfuffle said...

rofl. yeah, i'm not sure my mom would know what to do w/ something that vibrated either : )