09 November 2009

Four Years

November 9 2005

When I started this blog thing, we had been in our new house about three months. I was unhappy with the school job, and 2005 had beaten the hell out of us in every way possible.

Kevin was asleep in his chair, exhausted from moving, landscaping, and carpentry plus his regular job. I had just written BFF K an email and my head was still full.
On a whim, I searched for how-to-blog ideas.

And so it started.

"Just a Bunch of Silliness, Really" is a line from Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp. It wasn't the first title of the blog, and you know I can't remember the original title now.

What started as a whim has become a habit, a lifeline, and a relationship. It's given me more than I ever anticipated or even understand.

How did you start your blog? How did you choose the name?


Swistle said...

Oh how funny, I can't remember the first name either. Oh---was it "But I Digress..."?

Firegirl said...

Yes, I think it was something like that! (:-D

Bethany said...

I'm trying to remember my first name-- something about Nannying? I think...I don't even remember *why* I started blogging but I sure love it now :)