08 November 2009


No, really, EPIC.

So, my BFF's birthday was, holy crap, almost two moths ago. While I remembered to send a card & email, I've failed miserably on sending her a present.

I know, I know, I know! I SUCK.

So my penance is admitting it publicly. And letting her know that it's because I suck and only because I suck is the reason I missed sending a present.

Dear BFF K,

I publicly apologize for forgetting to follow through on your birthday present. I Suck.

I suck so badly that the light from Suck World can't reach me.

Keep your eye on the mailbox over the next week or so. This will hopefully redeem me in your eyes.

Meanwhile: MUAH!


K said...

Wait. Wait wait wait. Do you mean ME? Because you DID send me a present. Didn't you? The giant Hello Kitty card, I remember that coming in a package.

Firegirl said...

All I'm saying is perhaps you might keep an eye out for fun mail...