18 December 2009

The Ex-Wife Chronicles - continued

Kevin called me today. He's been in the middle of a huge construction project so I wasn't expecting to hear from him.

"So, I got a call today from a number I didn't recognize."

*insert ominous soundtrack music here*

It was the ex-wife. Yes, yes, it was. Merry Christmas, Kev.

The funny thing, among several funny things worth mentioning, is that one of his crew is a woman with the same name as his ex-wife. Kevin never calls her by her given name but calls her Rhonda. Rhonda says she knows she's doing something wrong if Kevin uses her given name instead of Rhonda.

So when the Ex-Wife said her name, he assumed that it was Rhonda and asked her what's wrong. Ex-wife clarified that it was his ex-wife and not a co-worker.

Kevin says "What do you need? I'm at work. I'm busy."

She wanted his mom's address so she could send her a Christmas card and, wait for it, pictures of Her KIDS.

Kevin said "My mom lives with us. Her address is My Address. Call my mom, you have her number, and get her PO BOX."

Well, she didn't want to cause any trouble or inconvenience.


Because...and pull up a chair because this is long:

a) you called him AT WORK
b) you called him from a different number
c) you have his mom's phone number
d) you know his mom lives with us
e) you do want to cause trouble & inconvenience because you keep effing calling.
f) she specifically mentioned topics that was posted on his Facebook..."I know you must be unhappy now that you've had snow..."

Finally, well after about a minute, Kevin said "I'm at work. Call my mom. Bye."

She called his mom. "Kevin said I could call..."

And she tried to get the physical address from her.

Then talked about my declining her friend request on FB. "I didn't mean anything by it. I don't want to cause trouble..." *bullsh*t cough*

God Bless Kevin's Mom. "I know *firegirl* said that. Nothing good would come of it and there's no reason to pursue it."

Ex-wife, wistfully: "They seem really happy..."

In an unusual moment of clarity, Kevin's mom came out with both guns blasting. "They ARE very happy. they've been together for nearly 20 years. They're best friends, they take very good care of each other. They are a very loving couple. She rubs his back until he goes to sleep every night and he brings her coffee."

All of sudden, surprisingly, Ex-Wife changed the subject. I'm not sure why.

We knew she couldn't stay quiet for long. Now, we wait for her card....


Swistle said...

Uh muh guh! I cannot BELIEVE that crazy ex, and I'm so happy about what your MIL said!

Bethany said...

Gosh, she's so crazy! I wonder how she got his work number?

Not Your Aunt B said...

Lord have mercy, she's CRAZY! This time of year brings out the crazies, doesn't it? So happy with how Kevin & your MIL handled it- she needs to MOVE ON and STOP contact you guys already. Sheesh!