16 December 2009

A Very Merry Unbirthday

So, hmm. This is going to be a whiny post and then I'll be done.

I'm changing my birthdate. The actual date is right before Christmas. I'm going to go all Alice in Wonderland and move it to June.

Usually, my birthday is not a hassle. It didn't get blended into Christmas or forgotten. Until the last few years, due to my dad's illness, when I chose to skip my birthday. It wasn't all altruistic because it, frankly, was easier just to skip the day than to deal with it.

This year, however, I was actually looking forward to it, a little bit. Everything has returned to normal...as normal as it ever gets...until.

I asked my mom if she had an opinion about my birthday. (my house or skip it until Christmas or whatever) I was expecting a "Let's do it at your house, like we used to." Especially since she's been so hellbent on things being normal.

Instead, it was all "meh".


My birthday is the only time that my family comes to my house. They haven't been to the house in three years. The last time they were here, the landscaping wasn't done and while we were moved in, we weren't settled in. I was, for once, looking forward to having the fam here. But no. I didn't even have the energy to pursue it. I was expecting excitement so to hear meh was a leg-sweep.

To boot, my BFF's (plural & possessive) anniversary is the day after my birthday. They're going away for the weekend (rightfully so, don't get me wrong. I'm not *that selfish*) so that sucks too because they couldn't be here with the fam.

((Oh, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY D & W!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys!!))

It's no good to bump the "party" to next weekend because it's not my birthday but Jesus's birthday (meant sardonically) and not the weekend after That because it's the New Year's birthday. Also, that weekend is my nephew's Quarter of a Century birthday.

All is not lost. Our friend Dale is coming down from Dawson Creek BC to pick up his racecar on Sunday so that will be fun. Kevin has promised that I can have a family-free dinner date with him on Saturday so that's good too. To ensure that the weekend won't be a total bust: I am sitting On My Ass On The Couch as much as I Damn Well Please. The sky is raining unicorns? don't care. The dog is on fire? not getting up. It's my birthday.

So, new plan. June 19th is going to be my Very Merry Unbirthday.


Swistle said...

I think you should move it to January 19th. Then it's long enough after Christmas that everyone's kind of EAGER for a celebration, but it's close enough to your actual birthday to feel like the timing is right.

creative kerfuffle said...

i have ALWAYS loved the idea of a very merry unbirthday. it blows that your mom was meh about your bday, especially whey you are not only wanting to have your family visit your home but also because it's a way to get back to "normal." i get that. totally. my bro's bday is jan 3 so he's always sort of been left behind in the bday celebrations, or worse, lumped in w/ my cousin who's a year older and has a bday on jan 4. oddly enough my son and nephew have the same issue in oct. son (oct 28) nephew (oct 27), halloween.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope it was nice- having a date with no-family sounds really nice! And I think winter birthdays get screwed out of all the fun birthday parties you can have outside if you had a summer birthday. Boo!