04 December 2009

News from the Internets

There is just so much going on in the news right now. Holy Headlines Batman. And much of it is happening in my little corner of the universe.

Lakewood Police Officers
- Can't believe we've lost five police officers in a month. Unbelievably atrocious.

Shooting in Alger - for longtime readers, you'll know what I'm talking about: Isaac Zamora was sentenced to life in mental hospital and/or prison. He will never be free again.

Amanda Knox Trial - is anyone else following this one? I think she is guilty. One very specific reason is if she wasn't, it would be regularly in the national headline news & a diplomatic relations issue. Instead, it's regional news. Also, the cartwheels in the hallway of the police station & the flirting with court photographers. Call me silly but that seems a little inappropriate when you're being charged with murder. Newsweek just posted an article as well.

30,000 More Troops - I was disappointed with the decision until I read this and this (neither of which are from left-wing perspectives) and watched this.

Tiger Woods - Dude, just have a press conference already. Rip off the band-aid (literally). You effed up. And if she stays married to him, then she's just as bad as he is and they deserve each other.

Adam Lambert - Way to stand your ground! Don't apologize for who you are! People need to get over themselves (ahem *ABC* cough)

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Surely said...

Oh, and Chris Brown? Sit down & Shut up. Or disappear. Yeah, disappearing would be good. Why is the media giving an abuser any face time is beyond me.