21 December 2009

Weekend Update

So, it's Monday isn't it?

I'm on vacation *head toss* I'm on vacation *jazz hands* I'm on vacation *cha cha cha*

I know, you hate me. I'm okay with that.

Kevin worked hard on Saturday to make my birthday a good day. (sleeping in & all the implies...giant mocha... I did not much of anything all day.) We went to a Japanese restaurant, by Ourselves (I know!) that night and then went to the mall.

My usual birthday present from Kevin is a book gift card from B&N. This year has been so upside down that he hadn't gotten a chance to do anything. However, my s-i-l gave me a VISA gift card and in a wonderful twist in the universe: the mall book store is closing. Kevin lingered about while I chose THREE BOOKS. Emily Giffin & Nora Roberts.

Also, I am out of perfume. Perfume is also a usual Christmas present from Kev. In the past, he's actually said the words "I want something that smells like a stripper." In case you're wondering: Paris Hilton. NO WORD OF A LIE.

Anyway, we went to Macys. We went to the Calvin Klein counter and they didn't have the Escape perfume that is my absolute favorite. What is up with that? I am not a fan of Eternity but I like Obsession so all was not lost.

I also like Clinique's Happy so we headed over to the Clinique counter. Kevin swears that he doesn't remember me wearing Happy. (make your own joke here) So the salesgirl gave him a tester to smell.

He. Didn't. Like. It.

Dude, I've been wearing it the last six months or so. Seriously.

There was to be no negotiation. The salesgirl tried to explain to let it "mix" for a minute but there was nothing to be said. Kevin wanted to kind of sniff around, literally, in Macys but I stage-whispered "a million dollars if you're not careful..."

Off we go to the perfume shop on the other side of the mall. It's run by an East Indian man who remembers Kevin from the whole "Something that smells like a stripper" comment. He did have the Escape perfume so all is not lost. I smell great, if I do say so myself. I did make him smell the Happy scent on my wrist multiple times during the course of the evening. He pronounced it "not gross."

Kevin fell on the sword and offered to do some Christmas shopping while we were there but I was all "meh" about it so we got Orange Julius and went home instead.

While we were waiting for our Orange Julius, I noticed there was a Deadliest Catch book-signing happening. I mentioned it to Kevin, who asked the OJ cashier if there was someone we should know over there. In a funny way, he said "I don't care...I mean, I don't know." Kevin tipped him a dollar.

All in all, it was a good day. Lots of posts on facebook, lots of texts from friends. Swistle's fudge arrived in the mail. All in all, it didn't suck.

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pearl said...

I wear Happy!

And Lancome's Miracle. Yum.

Sounds like you had a lovely day!


creative kerfuffle said...

i love anais anais (or anus anus as my daughter says) but rarely have any. i think it's funny that you've been wearing happy for months but kevin just discovered he doesn't like it. ha!
sounds like you had a good bday : )

Not Your Aunt B said...

YAY! I love Clinique Happy too! Now I will have to go smell Escape.