01 December 2009

Viva Las Vegas

The trip overall was a success. Traveling with the Fam is always a challenge and this trip was no exception. We're all still speaking at this point so: success.

My favorite part?

The New York New York Roller Coaster for sure.

Sitting in the sun, in the rental van, with SIRIUS playing and reading books. It's my version of sitting poolside.

Watching one of our friends WIN. (I can't link the video...darnit)

Being joined at the hip with Kevin for six days.

On the flight down, they bumped a soldier to first class and on the flight home announced the presence of soldiers so we could applaud.

Starbucks being located at the elevators.

My least favorite part?

My brother-in-laws distrust of directions & street signs, and tentative driving. When I'd rather have Kevin drive with one margarita under his belt than the b-i-l drive sober: it's bad.

Dry skin & a bloody nose. Because that's HOT.

The prick waiter at Fellinis in the hotel. A group of 8 people and he REFUSED to separate the check. It came down to the assistant manager working it out with another waiter & two calculators. I called the restaurant manager after we got home to make sure they served his head with a lovely marinara sauce on a platter to the guests.

Other than that, we had fun!

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