03 December 2009

Google Search Games

Today on Twitter, John Mayer posted "Do a google search of the words "Why Won't"...

So I did.

And so will you....

And just in case it changes: it's the parakeet one.

While we're playing little time-wasting games...

An email pass-along/Facebook game I received went like this:

Google your name, first & last name.

Make a list of 1 through 10

Add "Needs" to the beginning of each sentence.

My results were:

1. Needs a lobotomy

2. Needs Help

3. Needs some Gin

4. Needs a rest

5. Needs a website

6. Needs LinkedIn

7. Needs a new job

8. Needs tech advice

9. Needs a new helmet

10. Needs a man for no strings fun.

It turns out to be a strange little horoscope kind of game, doesn't it?


creative kerfuffle said...

ok how sad is it that john mayer says to do something on twitter and we do it? lol.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Fun! I like trivial games to play online. Passes the time.