17 December 2009

What Would You Find?

With the recent mis-placed cell phone adventure, I had the funny realization of how a stranger might perceive me by what's on my cell phone.

For example, texts.

Kevin "Lucky I got laid last night if you're gonna be late."

Or pictures:

Picture of Kevin holding a Frosty from Wendys entitled "Frosty, bitch"

Or voice mails that say:

"I am in the store and they're playing Dean Martin singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and I'm pretty sure that "Effing" isn't being sung. Hmm, guess you're wrong, beyotch."
((One of my FB posts was "Sing with me: Baby, it's effing Cold Outside." Apparently it's offensive to some delicate sensibilities. (I'm so getting another voicemail in ten, nine, eight...))

Contacts that sound like CIA code names: Mark Bog, SPA, Brother Dear, Ha, four different versions of "Mom & Dad", three different hotels & airlines. And I have too many Pizza numbers in my phone for someone who doesn't live within pizza delivery boundaries.

If a stranger were to find your cell phone, what might they find?


Bethany said...

Funny timing of this post because a parent/grandparent left their phone at my work last night and I had to do some detective work to find out whose it was...unfortunately I didn't find any "exciting" texts...hehe...

Well, the person who found my phone would realize very quickly that I'm very sarcastic through my texts- either that or they'd think I'm really rude. Haha!

creative kerfuffle said...

i'm not a big texter so most of mine would be from the girl, who texts me as soon as she gets on the bus after school. hungry, snack please. or pick me up at 3:45 or it's cold! thnx for mkng me wear coat.
nothing else spectacular really.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Mine would have some interesting stuff like the first text you mentioned, that & complaints about work from J or silly things from my friends.