28 December 2009

I Am Grateful

I am grateful, as much as this post may sound like anti-grateful.

My BFF and I share what we call "Loot Lists" after each Christmas. This year was an interesting mix of thoughtful and WTF.

Kevin gave me a new stereo & speakers for my truck. I may have had a few blown speakers...okay, four. And the display didn't work on the stereo anymore so you needed to know Braile to operate it. So, well done Kevin.

Then in a strange random twist, he gave me Roxanne and Holiday Inn on DVD. Wrap your mind around that, it Is as random as it seems.

My m-i-l gave me a new comforter, in the wrong color. She told me she got it at JCPenney and I discovered today that it was actually Walmart. And slippers, which I returned. Now I have a $9.73 gift card for JCP.

My s-i-l gave me a set of cotton sheets in lime green. I will say that at least they were the right size. They're still going back. She also gave me a sweater, while the right size was so clingy that it would have been all boobs, all the time. Not cute boobs but Dolly Parton boobs. So, back it went. Bought a book & Dierks Bentley CD instead.

My niece wins the prize, hands down. A sweater. Anyone care to take a guess before I describe it?
Here's a clue: the tag read "Avenue".

It was a 20/22 W size. I'm 5' 3" and a size 13/14. While curvy, COME ON. Seriously? Four sizes too big!!! I bought underwear at Avenue because nothing else would fit me. And yes, the underwear is a bit big. I would have bought socks but there wasn't any that I liked.

My mom gave me folding lawn chairs & one of those recirculating, decorative water jugs things. Again with the randomness. The chairs were on Kevin's wishlist and the jug thing matches the old house.

My brothers did really well though: Lady GaGa CD, books, and one of those scent diffusers. My father figure also did very well: Sketchers & one of those decorative spinners to hang outside.

Oh, stocking stuffers, I nearly forgot. A bill organizer, a photo album for babies (wth?), one of those funky mitten/glove conversion things, another diffuser. I have a the CUTEST doggone picture of Kevin that I will scan & post when I return to work.

This year was just a strange mix of stuff I could use and stuff that I couldn't wait to take back. This is what happens, I guess, when we've all grown up and buy whatever we need, whenever we need it.

But I am grateful, just a little confused.

What strange & interesting things did you receive this year?


Swistle said...

Our family does wish lists now. It's definitely NOT like "Presents have to come from this list," not at all---it's more a Clue List for people who don't know what to get. Plus, it's a place to make note of sizes. But there's lots of off-list shopping, too.

Not Your Aunt B said...

We don't do presents for the adults now (because of the economy) so nothing. But I think Kevin would have liked the boobylicious sweater! Other than that your gifts were...random.