24 January 2011


So I spent the afternoon with my mom.

It was supposed to be a doctor's visit but it turned into "I need stamps" to "Oh we have to go to the pharmacy" and ended up with "Will you run in & get me milk?"

I tried to use my time wisely. I went to the chiropractor, I cleaned out my email from my phone, I concentrated really hard on not sighing heavily. Oh, and I tweeted. "In a waiting room with my mom. She wants me to read Susan Boyle's book. I'd rather eat my hair."

Clearly, time well spent.

To add insult to injury, I ran into someone we used to be friends with (turned out to be swingers. Gasp! I know!) but it turned out okay because I could say "Can't visit! Mom's in the Car. Kbai!!!"

While I was waiting for stamps, my mother-in-law phoned. I just realized that I said, and I quote: "Grumpy can break into the house and steal all the eggs he wants." Can you imagine overhearing that? (context = she needed eggs for breakfast for dinner & invited us over)

I dropped her off at the house and went into the house to use the bathroom. I texted Kevin from the potty "Should be leaving soon FTLOG"

So that's how my day went. How was yours?


creative kerfuffle said...

ok..so did you stop being friends with the couple because they were swingers? that whole culture intrigues me...as in an i want to understand what makes them tick way, not in a because i want to jump on that bandwagon way.

and? if i ever have to spend an entire day with my mom i think i would need to be high or dead. just sayin'.

Surely said...

Yes, it was kind of how the friendship ended. They were overly affectionate and it just went into the weird category so we back away slowly. They're now divorced, go figure. Years later, a mutual friend confirmed the swingers part & we were all *shudder*

Jennifer said...

I had that day today. Took Mom to the heart clinic, brought a book to read. Then we had to run her errands, including a trip to the casino--she gave me gambling money to win my cooperation. So yeah. Free money plus free lunch. And she bought me a pair of shoes. Not the worst day, even though it wouldn't have been my first choice. :-)