14 January 2011

What's On the Fridge?

Welcome to this week's phoning it in post. Or the "Oh yeah, that's still in the drafts folder" post.

I can't remember what triggered this post, at all. Perhaps it was Random Item of the Day. Or maybe it was...oh forget it, I just don't know. Welcome to my brain.

This picture was taken last month, pre-"I'm keeping my eye on you" note. One of the pictures has since been updated with a more recent one. You get the idea.

I am not a clutter person...shut up, it's just books...so seeing my refrigerator may shock and surprise you. I choose to think it's more "random" than "cluttered". You can see on the left door, there is an attempt at symmetry.

On the right, well, it's a mess. An Elvis postcard from BFF C. A picture from BFF K. A postcard of the New York New York Roller Coaster. A picture of Kevin at work. Random magnets that don't match.

Sh*t. Now that I am examining it, I have to fix it. That makes my brain get all pingy.

What's on your fridge???

1 comment:

creative kerfuffle said...

i like this : ) i'll have to take a pic of my fridge this week and post it : ) i'll do the outside---no way in hell i'm showing my inside. lol.
mine looks random like your btw. i'd be curious to see someone's fridge that doesn't have stuff on it.