19 January 2011

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Because all of my friends scattered to the four winds after high school, I don't see them hardly at all let alone their childhood homes.

Tonight I visited high school bff S at his childhood home. It has been 23 years, I think. It was a time warp. The house hadn't changed. I felt myself slide back into the past. Should I be wearing Nikes? Where's my Coke? Did I bring my algebra homework? It was so odd. Disorienting really.

There was his mom in the kitchen, offering food & drink like always. There was his older brother giving me sh*t. The television was on. It was 1986.

While driving home, I realized that our kids generation probably won't have that experience. So many people move away, upgrade their houses, and don't stay in the same place like our parents & grandparents.

Have you ever experienced the Time Warp?


creative kerfuffle said...

for a long time i would experience that when i'd go to my grandma's house in wv. everything always stayed the same. same furniture, same placement, everything the same. when she sold that house and moved to nc w/ the rest of the family i drove by here wv house a few times. i'd tear up when the new owners made changes to the outside or the yard. the last time my brother and i did our drive by the places we know thing in wv was after my gma's funeral two years ago. i doubt we'll ever do it again. not really the same type of time warp...but as an army brat that's the best i've got : )

Bethany said...

Every time I drive by the house I "grew up in" (we never lived anywhere for more than 7 years) I experience it. I remember the road, taking walks and bike rides on it...and pass by some of my friends' parents houses.