13 January 2011

Literary Avalanche

(frame of reference: I have to reach/look up to the yellow lunchpail on the second shelf)

I have a snow day today so guess what that means? Sleeping in, two cups of homemade mocha, and a Snickers for breakfast.

While that's all true, it also means The Great Book Reorganization has begun.


I might have mentioned this before but it bears being acknowledged again: I might have too many books. So much so that I had to go about this strategically and determinedly.

I had to remember not empty the shelves in a way that will make it topple over onto my body. I remembered this when it unnaturally wobbled.

I was provided further proof that it is impossible to replace items back into their original packaging. I cannot understand how all of those books fit onto those shelves. I have discarded about 32 books not counting the Danielle Steel books that are stacked on my desk, awaiting their fate.

I have a large stack of books that I haven't read. It is nearly too much to contemplate. Most are by favorite authors but about 1/3 of the pile are authors I haven't read. Which begged the question of "If I haven't read so many books by people I enjoy, how can I justify keeping such a big stack of unknown-to-me authors?" I have the space, it's just not as aesthetically pleasing if I put them back onto the shelves.

I even culled some books from the stack next to my chair. I double-checked the always-keep bookshelf and the stack on my bedstand. I am happy and relieved to say that while most stayed, some are in the discard pile. I am not sure why I have a set of F Scott Fitzgerald books, I am guessing impulse buy. Only read "Tender is the Night" and it wasn't my thing.

I am not going to keep books, even if the covers are pretty. Looking at you "Bridge of Sighs" and "Bella Tuscany".

(picture is blurry due to sudden overwhelming caffeination, I am certain)

So here is where I sit. I had to stop because it got a little overwhelming. The books on the shelves are staying on the shelves. I've organized a few authors together and may continue to do so but right now I am enjoying the haphazard colors, sizes, and authors.

What do you think, poppets, should I keep the books of new-to-me authors? Or cull them until the mountainous pile of books is significantly reduced?

(anyone spot Mr. Pickles???)

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creative kerfuffle said...

i love this. love books. love the shelf. i say keep some of the authors you haven't read. i have been trying to wean myself away from saving so many books. we have one built in the den and these are the books that i will keep until the day i die...and then some of the hubs books that he never reads and someday i will take over his space. these shelves are laden with every stephen king book i own, poetry and quote books, penguin and arctica books and travel/art books. in our bedroom closet i commandeered the top shelf for books. these are more books i feel i should keep for one reason or another and some photo albums. beside my bed i have a basket of books to read and the basket has spilled over to underneath the nightstand table. yeah...i love books. but i have (hello can this comment get any longer?) also started culling the books and taking them to a local paperback exchange...to get...more books : ) lol