31 January 2011

It Sucks and It's Great

I finally bought a vacuum Sunday.   I had champagne dreams of buying an Oreck or a Dyson but I have issues with laying down money on anything full price.

I got a Bissell, which is similar to my mother-in-laws.  Target had it on sale for a price I couldn't refuse.  I emailed my BFF K from the store, celebrating my purchase.  I still crave a Dyson or Oreck but that will have to wait. 

I had a Hoover WindTunnel for many years but one too many uses in Kevin's shop & we cooked the motor.  At the same time, we were closing the Moody House and my mother-in-law had three, count 'em three, vacuums.  My sister-in-law took one and I took one.  It was supposed to be temporary until I bought another one but four years have passed. 

It was just a little, light-use Eureka and it served it's time well.  I am going to keep it for back-up, probably store it in the office to clean up after Madam Sheds-A-Lot.

Am I the only person that dislikes the filter/canister system?  I so prefer bags.  The Eureka had two filters so I could swap them back & forth.  Actually, my m-i-l thought the second filter went to the refrigerator but I luckily figured it out before installing it in the actual refrigerator.  What do people without cute, mechanic husbands with tools & shops do to clean those filters?  It's just such a hassle.  And messy.  I also think seeing the amount of hair the dog distributes throughout the house increases my bitterness.  Resentment would probably be less if it were hidden in a vacuum bag.

I am going to buy another filter this weekend so that I don't make Kevin insane with repeated requests to blow out the filter, and no I don't mean sex.  (it's late, I'm tired and have a cold, work with me here. lol)

So, hmmm, what question can I extract from this post....?  Oh, I know:  am I the only one that gets unusual delight out of the tracks the vacuum makes in the carpet?

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creative kerfuffle said...

a suction post! lol. ok, so i was going to do a post about dusting but i'll comment on your vacuum post instead : ) and...is it a geographic thing to call it a sweeper vs. vacuum? i say vacuum, other's say sweeper. odd. anywho. the hubs talked me into getting an oreck several months ago...only because it was on qvc w/ free shipping and a payment plan. the damn thing ROCKS. and it came w/ a smaller handheld vac..so 2 for one. (our old vac was a "temp" hand me down also, that pretty much died.) w/ two dogs & two cats i vacuum daily, at least the den and living room. we have berber carpet so the tracks aren't noticeable..except the tracks of where there is dog hair and not. i never really felt strongly about bag vs. cannister, although when you are vacuuming and don't have a spare bag and your's is full...it blows. literally.
i do prefer the uprights to the boxy cannister vacuum's. my parents bought us one of those a decade ago for xmas and i hated it. and it didn't last long.