23 January 2011

News & Notes

I am happy that Valentine's Day is coming up as they are beginning to play mushy movies on television. I can let them play while I am doing other things and not worry about missing much. and mostly, they're happy. I crave happy endings right now.

The dog's life has been spared because she has finally stopped shedding. Her assault on the laptop cord has continued, although I am not sure who is winning:

I have cleaned this house within in an inch of it's life. I even washed out the doggone washer, for pete sake. I might not let the dog back in, or Kevin for that matter.

What's your shoe policy? We don't care about people taking shoes off when they enter our house but all of our Canadian friends do. I've just never worried about it.

I am culling my magazine subscriptions now. There are just too many to keep up with. I am letting Newsweek & Time go but keeping The Week. Vanity Fair is gone...their articles are just too long to enjoy. I am, again, reconsidering People. They've recently changed it up again and I am considering just tossing it in with our groceries when the cover catches my eye. The interior design magazines are dropping like flies so I'm keeping all except Elle Decor which was a substitute for one of the other magazines that is no longer being published.

I am not sure that my hair is ever going to be blonde again. This last time I chose the second to blondest color and it still looks gingery blonde. I am not going to worry about it until the summer. The person that cuts our hair wants to do it but I just can't justify the money and even more the time. I just don't enjoy sitting still that long.

I think my new favorite sitcom is Better With You on ABC, which means it will be cancelled by the end of the week. Kev came home last night while the siblings were bickering and he laughed this morning, referring to it.

Which brings me to American Idol and the lovely Bryan Seacourt. I DVR'd it so we could skim which makes it so much more enjoyable. I will say that I enjoy the changes. I love that Steven Tyler sings along and that Jennifer Lopez is nice. I like best of all that they aren't focusing so much on Teh Crazies.

I am sad to admit that the Danielle Steel books are still on my desk. I have a plan though. I have a small bookcase that holds books that is a mixture of keepsake books, photo albums, etc. There is a significant amount of paperbacks, which I won't read again even if I love the book, so I am going to clear it off and start from scratch.

And now I am going to go curl up on the couch until bedtime. We've been separated all day and we need some quality time.

Have a great week y'all.

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