23 January 2011

Time for Product Endorsement

There are few products that I swear by. I mean, I love my swiffer but it's not the best thing ever.

Because the Best Thing Ever is the Magic Eraser Sponge.


We have two fiberglass showers. The floor of Kevin's has been grungy for awhile. Not moldy, but what I am sure is what the commercials call soap scum. I have tried everything from brand name cleaners to homemade remedies. They did f%&k-all.

Keep in mind the care instructions for the fiberglass recommends like three things, including using car wax to keep them clean. Meanwhile, the thing that I have used with the best results is just plain ol' shampoo. It has kept the walls sparkly and new-appearing.

The floor is textured though and only looked nice for awhile. I hated it. Cleaning the shower is one my least favorite chores, mostly because it's easiest to do it with me in it but I am rarely enthusiastic about scrubbing the shower five minutes after I've awoken. And in a recent insult to my ego, I need my glasses to see what I am doing. Take a minute to imagine that: glasses. In the Shower. Fail.

So on one of my recent bonding session with the couch, the Magic Eraser commercial came on for the elebentyth time. It for some reason suddenly occurred to me that it might work.

$3.19 later and I have clean shower floors. I was excited enough to call Kevin in to look but not to take pictures...for one reason: eww, gross.

Go, go now and buy it. The name is perfect because It Is Magic!!!


creative kerfuffle said...

ok, i will try that eraser. i also hate cleaning the tubs/showers because of the damn soap scum. and i'm not cleaning them while i'm in there because .... cleaning products, naked body...nope. i've used the magic eraser on walls and it's great. i'll try the shower next.

Bethany said...

I've never used that on a shower, but I know that they are amazing!!!