03 January 2011

Evens and Odds

When we were in Vegas last, Kevin mentioned getting married again. I thought he was kidding at first and suggested that we get married by Elvis. To my surprise, he said "Sure."

Later that weekend I was mulling over what new anniversary that would give us. The first problem is the brother & sister-in-law's anniversary is on the 20th so we couldn't do it on that date. Then I thought about it a little more and realized that Kevin's first anniversary was the 21st. Well, that's just awkward.

We've been together 20 years and married nearly eighteen. I have a thing about odd numbers so doing it this November would be weird to me. Although our real anniversary is mostly odd numbers with no pattern. To follow that thought out, my first anniversary was all even numbers and look how well that turned out! All in all, one would think that I'd learned that numbers aren't all that important.

Meanwhile back to Vegas, I think it would be fun to get married there; maybe by Elvis, maybe not. I've even tried to figure out which chapel is used in the movie The Hangover but it wasn't a real chapel. Lucky for me there are many chapels in Vegas to choose from. We go there every year so it just seems like a good time.

From the cheesy to the expensive, a person could have any kind of wedding they can imagine. We're not formal people, we're not even "Look at Me! Look at me!" people. If we could have gotten away with it twenty years ago, I think we would have just gone to the local church & gotten married with just us. Plus, I think Elvis would just be fun.

Finding time when we are in Vegas might be a challenge but lucky for us, many of them are open 24/7. Also, most of our friends are there anyway so that could be beyond fun. Our parents wouldn't be there but I think that would be okay. This one would be just for us anyway.

Then in Fantasyland, I thought about just booking a weekend trip and heading on down there on our own. The downside is that there would be hurt feelings if we didn't include the family in some way.

So, poppets, would you do a vow renewal? How? When? Tell me your ideas!


Swistle said...

I don't think vow renewal is our couple style, but if we DID do it I'd want it on our original wedding date. Otherwise it seems odd---two anniversaries?

Jennifer said...

There would be hurt feelings for a vow renewal? That actually seems to me like the perfect time to do it with just the two of you.

creative kerfuffle said...

i've been saying for about five years now that the hubs and i are going to have a blow out party/vow renewal on our 20th anniversary (which is in two years). 5-10 yrs ago when i was dreaming of this i thought it would be a big blow out party, fancy new wedding dress...the wedding we didn't have. but...the closer it gets and the older i get i envision it as something more sedate, maybe even something altogether different like a cruise.

Lindsay said...

We had a justice of the peace wedding with 2 witnesses, then on our first anniversary had a church wedding w/ celebratory reception. I like that it was on same date. I think you should be selfish if you do it again - go for just the two of you if that's what you want.