30 January 2011

Quality Time with My Couch

Because I needed something else to watch on television, I discovered "Episodes" on Showtime yesterday.

Oh. Em. Gee.  Matt LeBlanc.  Thank you Baby Jesus.

Then there's Monday nights.  American Pickers & Pawn Stars.  Who knew watching people's junk would be so fascinating?  Oh. Well, that turn of phrase didn't turn out but I am leaving it because it's funny.  You're welcome.

We still have Blue Bloods waiting on the DVR so I should probably stop discovering new shows to watch.

Oh and Holmes on Holmes.  I want to be that guy's friend. (she says while sitting in a nearly perfect five-year-old house)  He makes me appreciate the contractors we had working on our house.
The fun part of watching it, for me, is chatting with Kevin about what's wrong, right, or cool.  His dad is a carpenter and his brother is an electrician so he has working knowledge and I forget that.

Has anyone played Hawaii 5-O?  Have you played the bingo game?

Being Erica, therapy disguised as therapy, starts in a few weeks too.  I need snow days.

What shows are you watching?

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Bethany said...

What shows am I watching? WAY too many! I have seen Episodes a few times, but it's moving down on my list as my old faves bring in new episodes! Oh well...