04 January 2011

Evens and Odds continued

So, who'd athunk that a vow renewal post would bring some interesting questions to ponder! I am so enjoying this!

Swistle mentioned having two anniversary dates. I hadn't thought that through. I think I would always consider the original wedding date as our anniversary to be celebrated. The November date would hold little significance, as it's just the dates that we are in Vegas.

Jennifer pointed out that it would be a perfect opportunity for it to be just Kevin & I, which is enticing. She makes me want to focus on making the weekend trip for just us. Stay at someplace nice like the Bellagio or Venetian. I am still a little fascinated with the whole Elvis thing though.

CK said that she would have a renewal which was opposite of their wedding...something more lavish and formal. Our wedding was casual, in our front yard, and pretty relaxed. (Did I ever tell you I slipped while walking to Kevin & nearly fell?) So something a little more dressy & intimate would be good.

Our anniversary is in May, which is an expensive month for us...too many birthdays - and now add three more birthdays with the addition of the triplets - and usually the first month that we go racing...so I can't imagine trying to cram a quick trip in there as well.

We've talked about visiting friends & family in the midwest but renewing vows in Missouri or Kansas isn't quite what I had in mind. Yes, I mentioned getting married by Elvis but draw the line at the midwest. Don't try to apply logic.

So I will keep thinking about it. See what ideas I can come up.

With this lovely anniversary talk, let me say the Happiest of Anniversaries to BFF C who has been married 18 years today!!

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