05 January 2011


Well. Here is something we haven't talked about before: underwear.

Am I the Only one that doesn't understand thongs?
They just seem wrong and I don't mean wrong as in immoral but as shouldn't work. There are pieces missing. They can't be comfortable I don't care what the advertisers say.

I found the same with boy shorts, look totally cute but not comfortable.

While I am on a rant: I don't enjoy prints and word decorated panties. Just give me basic black & we're good. Also don't even get me started on little girl underwear. Gah.

Did you know that many people are wearing the incorrect size? Not just bra size but panty size too. How many of
you just flinched at reading the word panty? I did and I wrote it. It is reportedly one of the top 10 most hated words.

Anyway my point is that underwear is something we all take for granted. We don't pay attention to size and fit like we should. Most of us probably have a drawerful of it, at least.

One thing to think about when you buy underwear is this: even though it is a basic necessity, many women do without. No not commando but by circumstance.

Of all the clothing that can be donated, used panties are not one of them. Charities won't accept them and trust me although it seems obvious, people do it.

Women in domestic violence situations have often abandoned everything or had it taken. It is easy to get clothes replaced through charities but not underwear. Imagine recycling or going without. Yuck, right?

So next time you buy a pack of underwear, buy another & donate to your local shelter. Women who are struggling will appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Fess up: what is your underwear pet peeve?


creative kerfuffle said...

true confessions--i have some thongs. until a couple of years ago i never considered them because, hello, fat girls shouldn't wear them. but, the hubs was intrigued, so being the good wifey i tried them and the aren't so bad. oddly enough they do not feel like you have something shoved up your butt like you think they would. honestly. i wouldn't wear them if they did.
i had never considered the thought of donating undies (i hate the word panties too)--certainly not used ones--but you make an excellent point. my pet peeve is seeing peoples undies (men or women). you have to know your undies are showing...that's just tacky.

Swistle said...

What a good idea, to buy a second pack to donate. I often order mine from Hanes online (my favorite kind isn't at Target or Walmart anymore, and I hate change), and so sometimes ordering more would even get me a shipping deal ANYWAY. Good for charity AND good for me, which I think is the nicest kind of charity.