06 January 2011

News & Notes

Swistle was wondering what calendar everyone has this year and thusly so am I. It has become one of the things I look forward to at the end of the year. Usually it entails a trip to Barnes & Noble to browse and contemplate.

This year though Kevin had to take the truck because of snow & ice when I would normally go. So I browsed Amazon until I found a calendar that I liked. They had so many choices it was overwhelming. I was tempted to buy more than one. Honestly, I still am.

Because of Amazon's free shipping, I had to spend more than just the calendar so lucky for me I bought Kate Morton's new book and her first novel. Now I just need a snow day or ten to read.

Another Swistle conversation was the barrenness of the house after putting all the decorations away. She had a few ideas which reminded me I had a few snowmen decorations boxed up. I busted those snowmen out of that box and now it doesn't feel quite so sad.

I was inspired to put some clear Christmas lights over the entertainment center and bookcase. I love it and might just leave them there forever. I have seen the clear lights used as decorations in movies but it's always in a child's or the kooky roommate's room.

And then, she talked about posting our resolutions so that we will be regularly reminded of the goals we've set for ourselves. Hers is Teh Cute. I am considering it.

I am not sure where I would put mine. At work makes sense but then they would be public domain so that makes me uncomfortable. I have gotten out of the habit of writing in the office so perhaps I need to make that a resolution. I don't have room on the fridge because we were given the best note ever the other day:
Remember Christmas, the nerf guns, C2 and Kevin playing war? The kid is a genius.


Swistle said...

That note is SO FUNNY!

Bethany said...

That note is awesome!
I have a couple of calendars but I have yet to hang any of them up. I think they are both from the dollar store and have pretty pictures of a beach. Hehe!