02 January 2011

Feeling Fine

So far, two days in, I am looking forward to this year. Please remind me of this statement in the future when I'm complaining about something.

It is 28 degrees outside and it looks like a winter wonderland even though we haven't had snow. I am sitting here, writing, with a homemade cappuccino and nothing much to do. Cupboards are full, laundry is finished, and the house is clean, if one ignores the presence of someone shedding.

I return to work tomorrow after having two weeks off and after only working about thirty out of the past ninety days. It's okay, I am not worried about the transition because Martin Luther King Day is coming up soon, giving me another three-day weekend. Also, still have vacation time waiting for me. I know, I know, I suck. Again, feel free to remind me the next time I complain.

It will be nice to be back on a schedule. It seems like forever since we've been on any sort of a routine. I'm sure I'll be over that feeling in a few days as well.

Unlike the past few New Year's, I have that little optimistic feeling of "This will be our year."
I am inching toward some goals and am looking forward to their fruition. Looking back at last years resolutions and seeing moderate success keeps me encouraged.

We have a wedding to look forward to this year. A wedding with five little people involved. It's taking patience and concentration not to begin planning right this very second. To make it more fun, they want to get married here on the property.

So, Day Two and I am feeling fine. Better than fine.

What are you feeling optimistic about?

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creative kerfuffle said...

i'm not yet feeling optimistic, but i have to agree...this year will be filled w/ change, good or bad for us.