23 November 2019

Annual Excavation

I made it a goal to excavate Monica's Closet today.  It's 10:40 am and I have gotten coffee and signed up (again) for a spotify account for the google speaker.

But I will persevere.  I can do this, probably.

For those of you who don't know/remember: Monica's closet is the only space that is allowed to be cluttered in all of my existence.  I go through this "ritual" about this time every year because I have to unearth not only my Christmas cards and decorations but the mother-in-law's as well.

Please send help if you don't hear from me after a few days.

It goes back about three feet on the left and five feet on the right.
It's a huge closet and that's not necessarily a good thing

I have been trying to break the habit of hoarding amazon and barkbox boxes but Christmas will be here soon and there are NINE children who require presents, not including Kevin.

And I tend to hoard electronical things.  I have a whole bin of cords, chargers, phone covers, etc.

And picture frames.  I find second-hand ones that I like then save them until I find the perfect photo for them.  Or don't.

Why do I have this weird angel, you might ask.  Kevin's mom gave it to me years ago "to watch over us".  Fun fact: it freaks Kevin out a little.  It's been hanging in my office for years but I took it down so one of our championship coats and team shirts could be displayed.  As one should.

My niece doesn't want it.  Do you? I'm serious, I'll send it to you free
Tiny bit blurry and I'm not patient enough to fix it. You get the idea

*long pause*

Actually, once I delved into the closet it was more putting stuff where it belongs. A novel concept when it comes to this closet.  I did take out two grocery bags worth of stuff to send to Goodwill though. So that's a win.

I didn't have much of the "What is this, even?"  Or the more popular: "Why?"  It was more putting things back into boxes and reconfiguring one of the boxes.
It went so smoothly that now I'm obsessing about labeling everything
I did detour through one keepsake tote and threw out some stuff.  It was a bit of a wormhole though and I forced myself to put it away for another day. That is a snow day kind of project, for sure.  And frankly, I need a scrapbook to put things into, and a xanax.

I went through the cedar chest as well.  I keep just valuable keepsakes in there. Like Kevin's wedding shirt and other t-shirts and jackets, a baby blanket, a poncho my grandma made for me as a preschooler.  Antique dishes and silver, toys. I questioned keeping them but the rush of nostalgia squelched that questioning right silent.

What do I have left?  Well, the fate of eight snowglobes.  Some of them have discolored water so I'm not sure what to do with that. I'm sure the interwebs will tell me.  And I just don't know that I need them.  Dear Swistle, I did indeed ask "Does this spark joy?" and the answer was "Meh".

I loaded the discarded stuff into the truck and took them directly to the goodwill.  No languishing in the back of the truck until I return to work.  I even had the forethought to grab the tote of Christmas decorations for my office.  What? Like you don't have a specific tote of decorations for your office. No? Only me? Oh, hmmm...

That's crossing off two items on my list.  Now that's left is the Christmas card project.

Guess who forgot to buy stamps AGAIN?  *this girl*

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Swistle said...

Favorite part: "And frankly, I need a scrapbook to put things into, and a xanax."